Sunday, June 8, 2014

Akiba Showroom: S.H Monsterarts Godzilla 2014 Gallery.

Once again, TohoSeeSar has taken some stunning shots of the unpainted Godzilla 2014 Monsterarts proto type now on display!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bluefin Tamashii Nations September and October Releases

September Generals (Released in October)

Robot Spirits God Gundam

Make way for the long-awaited Robot Spirits God Gundam!  Gundam Fight All Set. Ready! Gooooo! We pulled out all the stops, using the latest in articulation technology! This is the ultimate action figure! Also known as Burning Gundam in the U.S., moveable joints are expertly placed to allow for the hand-to-hand combat poses unique to the Mobile Fighter including the famous God Finger New technology also allows for a twist in the knee that was not possible before. This God Gundam was made to move! Set includes 3 interchangeable hand parts, God Slash (x2), interchangeable wrist covers (x2), Ring of Light part (PET).

Robot Spirits Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai

Introducing the jet-black space pirate, Crossbone GundamX2 Kai! Take the original Crossbone Gundam X1, add specialized parts and you get Crossbone GundamX2 Kai! Complete with armaments, X2Kai comes with a large-scale Buster Launcher for enhanced posing experience. Additional accessories include interchangeable hand parts and Beam Saber.

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014

Godzilla is making a big comeback in Hollywood this year, which also marks 60 years since his creation! S.H.Monster Arts Godzilla (2014) is expertly sculpted and brought to life by the popular Yuji Sakai (Godzilla Complete Works). In all his magnificent detail, the Godzilla (2014) figure is a worthy commemoration for the 60th Anniversary. The realistic silhouette from head to tail is not only represented in stunning accuracy, but is articulated for epic posing possibilities. Godzilla’s jaw is also jointed, allowing for enactment of a ferocious roar, sure to knock down any city!

Robot Spirits Dragonar 1 Custom

Robot Spirits Metal Armor Dragonar series begins its line-up with the leading Mecha from the latter half of the series, Dragonar 1 Custom! Dragonar 1 Custom's design is based on an illustration by famous Japanese anime director Masami Ōbari. Extreme attention is paid to the small details and articulated joints. Use the weapon accessories for the ultimate action poses! Includes handrail-gun, assault knives (x2), and laser swords (x2). Set also includes laser sword handles (X2), super hybrid shield, 3 interchangeable hand parts, and interchangeable antenna.

S.H. Figuarts Bio Rider

Prince of Anger! The rise of Bio Rider! From Kamen Rider Black RX comes S.H.Figuarts Bio Rider. Each crease in his armor is so intricately detailed, you'd think he just walked out of your television screen. Comes with Bioblade, the fearsome saber form of Revolcane. Set also includes 5 interchangeable hand parts for even more posing possibilities!

S.H. Figuarts Akaranger

From the first Sentai series Himitsu Sentai Gorenger comes the commemorable Aka Ranger. From his first appearance in the original series to his roles in the new Sentai films of late, Aka Ranger is an eternal hero. This set is chock full of all the accessories you need to bring Aka Ranger's iconic scenes to life, including a variety of armaments: Gorenger Storm, Silver Shot, and Birdie. Also includes interchangeable hand parts for enhanced posing..

S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Ver

The King of Pop is joining the S.H.Figuarts series! S.H.Figuarts Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal Ver.) takes the stage in the eye-catching white suit and hat from the iconic music video of the hit song "Smooth Criminal". Expertly placed articulation joints allow for recreation of unforgettably iconic poses. Set includes 7 interchangeable hand parts, interchangeable facial expression parts, hat, leg parts for the special shadow-shaped display stand (included), and interchangeable upper body part for the "this is it" pose.

FiguartsZERO Rebecca

FiguartsZERO welcomes Rebecca, the beautiful and mysterious Gladiator from the One Piece Dressrosa Arc. Rebecca's highly detailed armor contrasts perfectly with her elegant feminine silhouette. With the included accessory parts, you can pose Rebecca with or without her gladiator ridge helmet. She also comes with a special display stand..

Saint Cloth Myth Ex Capricorn Shura Surplice Ver

Clad in his dark cloth, Capricorn Shura stands strong in the Sanctuary. Saint Cloth Myth EX Capricorn Shura appears freshly designed and as you've never seen him before! Set comes with 5 interchangeable and highly detailed expression parts perfect for depiction of a variety of scenes. For example, use the yelling expression with the additional Excalibur effect part to recreate his lighting fast Excalibur attack. It is also possible to put together the original Cloth Object. Also includes a special frame for the Object and interchangeable hand parts.


Ultra-Act Ultraman Jack

ULTRA-ACT welcomes Ultraman Jack, one of the six Ultraman Brothers. He comes with a special interchangeable hand piece wearing the Ultra Bracelet, his ever transforming and multi-purpose weapon. With superior articulation, it is possible to recreate the action-packed scenes from the series! Ultraman Jack uses a variety of weapons and this set comes with four of them: the Ultra Spark, Ultra Lance, Ultra Cross, and Ultra Defender. Set also includes a Specium Beam, a total of 7 additional interchangeable hand parts, and joint parts for supports.

Soul of Chogokin GX-40 God Mars

With its transforming and combining 6 robots (Gaia, Uranus, Titan, Sphinx, Shin, Rah) and full array of weapon accessories, God Mars is ready to fight!  Each of its robot components is posable and easily combines to form the giant robot.  A special stand is included to hold accessories like the Mars Flash Sword and extra hands. Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of  Soul of Chogokin GX-40 God Mars.

Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot

From the artistic world of the Japanese Showa Period comes a most unique creation! Introducing the Tower of the Sun Robot (Taiyou No Tou)! Based on esteemed Japanese artist Okamoto Taro’s real-life tower in Osaka, Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot transforms from its original design into two out of this world forms: Robot Type and Armored Type. Attention to detail captures the soul of the original work of art, while the robotic forms add an element of surprise. This balance ensures you will experience the Tower of the Sun like never before. Set includes a special display base and interchangeable hand parts (left and right).

October Web Exclusives (released in November)

FiguartsZERO - Piccolo

The much anticipated fifth title in the popular FiguartsZERO Dragonball series will be everyone’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo. An interchangeable right hand part is included, allowing for recreation of two out of this world attack poses! The billowing cape and smoke effects come together to create a realistic and dynamic pose.

FiguartsZERO - Sailor Venus

Following Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury comes the third and much awaited release of Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon. Welcome Sailor Venus! Pearlescent paint and utilization of the effects of light and shadow upon the costume make for an added brilliance and realism. The figure is posed perfectly as to recreate the iconic "Venus Love-Me Chain" attack. Additional display stand and hair parts are portrayed with clear parts.


S.H.MonsterArts - Kiryu Heavy Arms

Coming new to S.H.MonsterArts is Kiryu Heavy Arms! He is represented meticulously in the form taken after recovering from severe battle. With included interchangeable parts, Kiryu Heavy Arms can transform into a "High Mobility Type" and "Heavy Arms Type". Set includes full array of accessories including an originally crafted back unit, right hand unit and repaired head piece. This is a MUST-HAVE product for all robot and kaiju fans alike!