Friday, December 28, 2012

Import Monster News

Official Pics of D-Arts Charizard!!

Import Monster Deals

Normally, this isn't exactly something we would cover, but this deal is so good we can't keep it to ourselves!

ToyFreakz is currently taking orders for the S.H. MonsterArts King Kong at a price of $64.99!* If that price isn't good enough, here's something better!

With coupon code "gorilla" you can take $5 off of that price and get free shipping! That's right, $60 for King Kong!

Get it while it's hot!

Other hot items on sale include a few Ultra-Acts and Chogokin figures!

*Note that the MSRP of King Kong has not been announced for the US at the time of this posting. In the event that King Kong's MSRP has a significant change from the current estimated price, there may be an increase/decrease of cost in the future for particular retailers. The price listed here is the price ToyFreakz is selling King Kong for.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Import Monster News

Ultra-Act Zetton!

UPDATE: I've been asked about a release date on this one, and I can confirm... none at the moment. This image appeared as far back as November 26th, by doing a reverse image search, and it is apparently just a promotional picture. I figured it would be best to share to get some discussion a stirrin'.

Sorry for any confusion this brought.

Import Monster News

  A Slew of S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla Junior Pics Arrive!!!

Pics courtesy of 2chan

Import Monster News

Official pictures of King Kong, courtesy of Bluefin!

May 2013!

English info page here!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Import Wishlist- 2013

Ho ho ho, everybody! Steven here with some figures I'd like to see in 2013 and beyond! Most of these are pipe dreams, but I thought I'd take the time to share with everyone what I would like to see.

10. S.H. MonsterArts Blue-Eyes White/Ultimate/Shining Dragon(s)

Just recently, Bluefin took some interest in this big beastie, and this guy is interested! Blue-Eyes is my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! monster, and I love all of his forms. An awesome Burst Stream of Destruction/White Lightning effects part for Standard Blue-Eyes, Ultimate Burst/Neutron Blast for Ultimate, and Shining Burst/Shining Neutron Blast for the Shining dragon, along with appropriate flight stands, and maybe a card. In all seriousness, I would more than likely buy three normal dragons because only one would look awkward by itself... and who wouldn't?

9. D-Arts Mario
Talk about this guy came up at NYCC earlier this year, and Bluefin corrected a fan on twitter saying he won't be getting an S.H. Figuarts! Since then, I've been really wanting this guy in the line. Fire Flower and Fire Ball effect part with a coin and Koopa shell? Sign me up! Yoshi, too, please!

8. Ultra-Act Ultraman Saga

Though I may not be a major Ultra fan, I do love this design. I'd preorder the minute it goes up!

7. S.H. Figuarts White Ranger
With the inevitable Green Ranger, Tommy's other half from MMPR should be made. Coupled with Saba, the two Rangers would battle each other forever!

6. S.H. MonsterArts Clover(field)

I think this monster has an interesting design, and Cloverfield is a favorite movie of mine. J.J. Abrams found inspiration in Godzilla, and I think that he would be more than willing to jump at the chance to get Clover in the same figure line as Godzilla.

And I want it. That's good enough of a reason.

Top 5 now, folks! Here's where a bit more effort is put into the choices!

5. D-Arts Samus (Metroid Prime)

Four to eight different arm cannon sculpts, endless amounts of beam effects, including Power, Wave, Ice, and Plasma, with multiple choices for a Morph Ball sculpt, coupled with easiness for two legitimate repaints alongside additional arm cannon repaints, and it could be distributed by Bluefin. Sure, the Figma is great, but Tamashii Nations could blow this figure out of the water with all of the different options for Samus.

4. Super Robot Chogokin Dragonzord

The Megazord was released not too long ago, and the figure is great. The Dragonzord would be a fantastic figure, no doubt, and could battle the Megazord all day. Plus, with the upcoming Green Ranger that might get released (who am I fooling, he's getting released), he will need his zord!

3. D-Arts Venusaur

IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit. Bulbasaur was my first true starter, and Venusaur is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. Plus, Venusaur is the fully evolved form of the first Pokemon in the National Dex. That's pretty awesome. SolarBeam effect part along with some vines? Ohhhh baby. Venusaur was shown off, so let's get 'em made!

2. S.H. MonsterArts Gamera (1999)

Though other articulated Gamera figures exist, I feel that an in-scale Gamera figure to combat the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla would be a fantastic addition to the line. Fire ball, flame hand, and fire jets effect parts coupled with interchangeable arms to depict a flying mode would make this a perfect release! I can only dream...

And finally...

1. S.H. MonsterArts Biollante

Ever since I was given the Trendmasters toy as a present, and had no clue who she was until then, I have been in love with this beastie for years. Sure, my interest in Godzilla has gone up and down, but this monster has always interested me. For collectors like myself, being interested in highly detailed renditions of their favorite characters along with being able to pose them how I want, there is no Biollante on the market that fits my needs. The X-Plus one is fantastic, though it costs way too much for me and I don't have the room for it.

Extra vines and sap spray for extras, or an effects pack including those and the Rose Form? Awesome!

All in all, this is ***THE*** figure that I am looking forward to getting a release. I understand that Biollante has been shown,  but knowing Tamashii Nations, she might not get made. I just want to reinforce I'd buy this figure if they made it, and I'd love to see it released!

Other releases I would like to see include more Monster Hunter monsters, Revoltech or S.H. MonsterArts, Showa Godzilla monsters, including Titanosaurus, King Ghidorah, Hedorah, and more, along with Millennium monsters, like Orga, Godzilla 2000, and Anguirus, and of COURSE more video game characters. These 10, though, have me the most excited for coming in the future!... if they do see a release, of course!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Figma Link

Introduction:  Around this time last year, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released for the Wii. The game was met with mostly critical acclaim for an interesting art style and fun gameplay, while fan of the series seemed to be neutral towards the game or loved it. Earlier this year, however, the collector circle went abuzz with information and screenshot of a Figma Link from the very game that was met with mixed reaction, though most seemed to love the progress so far on the figure. Does this figure live up to the legend? Read on and find out!

Package (5/5): WOW! The box this figures comes in is fantastic! This reviewer typically is not overly impressed by most boxes, but this is one interesting box that really captures the feel of Skyward Sword and looks great, too.

Sculpt (3.5/5): Sad to say, this reviewer isn't overly impressed with the sculpt, despite what is given. Considering the source material, Link feels overly soft on the sculpt side, which is to say that, in person, when going to grab Link, one may feel like they are going to grab a figure made of Play-Doh. Also, the silver on Link is supposed to be chainmail... though it is just plastic painted silver.

Despite this, the details on the figures looks good and even accommodates the articulation of the figures. The leg have a small indent in the back of them that aides to the notion Link is moving, and the ripple in his clothing looks believable to an extent. The torso looks good, along with all the needed accessories an adventurer would need. Finally, the face sculpts look like Link, so not much needs to be said.

Paint(4.5/5): What is there looks really good! Unfortunately, what is green is green, what is tan is tan, and so on and so forth. Not much change in tone, which is a shame, but the small detail look great.

Articulation (3.5/5): Link's an adventurer, and one would expect him to be able to do all different poses, like running, climbing, swimming, jumping, etc, etc... and Link can do these poses, though it is difficult to achieve the right look for these poses. The reason for this is that his tunic and leg sculpt tend to block the range of articulation on the legs, and Link lacks a true bicep swivel. Because of this, it can be hard to get the jump-slash attack to look right.

Link cap features a swivel joint that has the tendency to pop off. Link's head can rotate left and right, though this figure in particular has a rough time moving smoothly. Link features a very limited ab crunch, though he is capable of turning left and right on it. His shoulders have the expected range of motion, and as mention, there is no true bicep swivel, though it is possible to move the joint at the elbow, though this reviewer suggests not to do so. His hands feature a full range of motion, and as mentioned, his hips are slightly blocked by his tunic. His knees move freely, and the toe articulation is insane.

More picture in the next section!

Accessories (4/5): Link's got it all!... or most of it. He comes with five sets of hands, the Master Sword and a skyward strike slash effect, the Hylian Shield, an extra angry face, a wavy hair piece, and a Figma stand with two extra bits for the tip of the stand. The accessories of this figure are almost entirely perfect. Unfortunately, though, read the Watch Out section for a bit of advice when dealing with the accessories.

The only accessories that should be added would be more from Link's arsenal, like Bombs, Bow and Arrow, and the rest of the classics.


Do not try to force the sword into the hand, and ignore the reports the pommel is supposed to come off. Instead, heat up Link's hand and insert the sword into the heated hand. Reports come from around the web of broken swords, so try to avoid that at all costs! In the event something break, please contact Good Smile Company directly.

Overall (3.5/5): Though Link is not a perfect figures, he isn't horrible. For a Link figure, this one gets a passing grade. Some will love it, some will hate it, but this reviewer is indifferent towards this figures.
Hardcore Zelda fans should pick this up without any hesitation, because this is the best Link figure on the market, but for the price, more could be asked for.

Anyway, looks like Link has a date with a... feisty lady.