Thursday, March 28, 2013

Import Monster Rumor - Ultra-Act Zoffy Reissue

We have received word from one of our sources that the Ultra-Act Zoffy figure will be reissued in July, and preorder for July's figures will start on April 3rd.

Please note that this IS a rumor and we have no other source claiming this, though we should find out in a few days when listings go up and products are announced for July and August.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

S.H. Figurarts Smile Precure:  Cure Peace

Release Date: 7/13
Price: 4200 yen

Import Monster News

Figma Akane Isshiki!

Release Date: 8/13
Price: 4000 yen

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

S.H. Figuarts Daft Punk - Breaking Import Monster News

And out of nowhere, S.H. Figuarts of Daft Punk! Will bring more info as we can!

November 2013 release!

Appropriately timed with the group's new album announcement and supervised by the artists themselves, high-end action figures of Daft Punk have been confirmed for release under the S.H.Figuarts advanced action figure series from Bandai Japan’s premium collector's label, Tamashii Nations! The total figure height is approximately 15cm, and as with all S.H.Figuarts figures, these Daft Punk figures feature precise articulation for recreation of a variety of poses. The helmet areas will feature a shiny metallic finish for enhanced realism.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Import Monster News

D-Arts Venusaur is August.

UPDATE: We have reports (from Tokunation/Henshin Justice/Toyzilla member Baltan II) that this is indeed a regular release. Will confirm soon!

Scans (provided by Baltan II)  show Venusaur alongside regular releases.

Imported Thoughts

  S.H. Monsterarts Potential Accessory Breakdown (Showa)

As requested by Henshin Justice Unlimited Forums' Mr. Yellow

Operating under the assumption that S.H. Monsterarts doesn't drop accessories altogether (and I really hope that isn't the case), I have compiled a list of accessories that I believe should come with various Toho kaiju.

First Godzilla
I believe a release of the 1954 Godzilla is inevitable.  Especially with the beast's 60th birthday coming up.  Included with Godzilla 1954 should be some (or all) of these accessories: 

*Defense perimeter electrical towers
*A train to chomp
*An oxygen Destroyer
*Diet building base

Anticipation: ****
Likelihood of Release: *****


For Godzilla's first enemy (and later closest ally), the accessories are a bit difficult to figure out.  Being a purely tooth and claw fighter, beams and projectiles are out of the question.  

*Osaka castle
*Attachable flame effect parts (for his death scene)

*Broken jaw (from his battle with Mechagodzilla)

Likelihood of Release: ****


Rodan is one of the more popular Toho kaiju, so I won't be shocked if he's announced soon.  Some possible accessories could include:

*Air blast effect part
*Fighter jets
*Egg w/hatching baby rodan
*Tiny Meganeurons

*Flying stand
*Xilien saucer

Likelihood of Release: ****

The odd mecha from the 1957 film The Mysterians should be include the following:

*Mysterian UFO

Likelihood of Release: **

Varan the unbelievable would be a bit tricky since he possesses membranes between his arms and legs that stretch when he flies.  As I believe that would be extremely difficult to pull off with articulation, it seems the only other option would be swap out, non articulated arms and legs.  These would have the wing membranes stretched out like so:

*Another accessory that makes sense is the Baradagi idol
*A flying stand

Likelihood of Release: ***

A giant walrus from the film Gorath, Maguma falls into the "extremely unlikely to be made" category.  I personally can't think of much that could be included with him, aside from an iceberg base.

Likelihood of Release: *

King Kong 1962
Toho's iteration of King Kong has a lot of different options for accessories:

*A pack-in Oodako (giant octopus)
*Jugs of berry juice
*Electric current effect parts for when Kong is supercharged
*A tree (to shove down a certain monster's throat)
*A hand holding Fumiko Sakurai
*a train car

Likelihood of Release: ***


The only accessory for Manda should be obvious:  The super submarine, Atragon (aka the Gotengo)!  Manda will be able to wrap his highly articulated body around his mortal enemy to simulate their battle in the 1963 film, Atragon

Likelihood of Release: *

King Ghidorah
There's nothing much that a large sized figure like King Ghidorah can be realistically packed with. The Gravity Beams are obvious, though they shouldn't be a nightmare to set up like the previous Ghidorah release.  

*The meteor from which he emerged is another option, though I could see it being omitted due to the figure's sheer size.

Likelihood of Release: ****

Another longshot, the heroic monster frankenstein would likely be a licensing nightmare.  Nevertheless, he has a ton of interesting options:

*A flaming log
*His severed hand
*A boulder
*Several sets of hands including fists, grabbing, open for holding the flaming log accessory

Likelihood of Release: *

Frankenstein's prehistoric nemesis could come with a number of interesting accessories:

*Alternate, light up horn
*Beam effect
*Stand for when Baragon jumps

Likelihood of Release: ***


The monstrous siblings from War of the Gargantuas should come with:
*A ship for Gaira to terrorize
*Maser tanks

Likelihood of Release: *

This not so shrimpy shrimp hails from the 1966 film, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (aka Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster aka Godzilla, Ebirah, Mothra: Big Duel in the South Seas).  Despite being an overgrown crustacean, Ebirah's film offers a number of interesting accessory options:

*The Giant Condor
*Red Bamboo ship
*Red Bamboo Jet
*If Mothra is released, an attachable rescue net would be awesome

Likelihood of Release: **

Kamacuras had me a bit stumped.  However two choices stand out:

*An unhatched Minya egg.
*Alternate wing parts
*A flying stand

Likelihood of Release: **

Godzilla's eight-legged enemy should come with:

*A web snare to wrap other figures in
*Flame effects to simulate Kumonga's death scene

Likelihood of Release: **


If Minya is ever released, it should be a two pack with infant and adolescent versions of Godzilla's son.  In addition to that:

*Radioactive rings
*Atomic ray

Likelihood of Release: ****

Mechani Kong
Kong's robotic double can come with a removable grenade belt and alternate flash effect pieces for his eyes.

Likelihood of Release: *

   This overgrown theropod shared the screen with Kong in 1967's King Kong Escapes.  His accessories should include:

                                               *An alternate broken jaw piece
*A stand for his trademark "Kangaroo Kick".
*The Giant Sea Snake

Likelihood of Release: ***

The bully of Monster Island, Gabara should come with effect parts to simulate his electrical current attack.

Likelihood of Release: **


The Yog trio is very unlikely.  However, the only accessory I can think of is an alternate extended neck piece for Kamoebas.

Likelihood of Release: *

The Smog Monster would be a very large, bulky figure.  As such, the accessory would be limited.  Nevertheless, Hedorah's tadpole form and eye lasers should be included.  The rest of the pollution beast's forms can be released in an Evolution set.

Likelihood of Release: ****

Megalon has a number of interesting attacks that could easily be translated into accessory form:

*Napalm bombs
*Swap out drill form hands
*A swap out, alternate horn with lightning bolts attached

Likelihood of Release: ***

King Ceasar
Debuting in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) this deity should come with the following accessories:

*The sacred statue
*A multi colored reflected beam piece which could fit into his eye sockets
*A Black Hole Aliens saucer

Likelihood of Release: **

Anyways, that wraps up this edition of Imported Thoughts.  If you think I missed any important accessory ideas feel free to comment below!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Import Monster News

  A few new D-Arts Pokemon shots have appeared:

And just a reminder... Mewtwo is being released on 3/30. but there's still time to preorder! Still available at !