Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Import Monster News

Chances are, if this information is relevant to you, you've already received notification of this, but this info needs to be spread ASAP.

Diamond Distribution was not able to work out the needed licensing to bring the Figma Link to the US. 

If you can find a non-US retailer to get Link from, we strongly encourage you to do so.

This email was sent out to all of those that preorded through Big Bad Toy Store

Hi – Diamond Comics Distribution has just informed us that they have failed to secure the licensing needed to bring the Max Factory Link Figma into North America.    Diamond has completely cancelled all orders for the Link Figma for all retailers and distributors in North America, including a massive order placed by BBTS.    We are extremely upset with them because they are forcing us to disappoint you and so many other people on this item.    Diamond officially solicited this item to us back in September and our orders have been in place with them for months, this news was shocking and extremely disappointing to us.    Diamond apparently did not have the licensing deal fully worked out at the time of solicitation and in the past few months some sort of problem arose and the deal with Nintendo could not be worked out.    We wanted to let you know about this as quickly as possible so you can try to secure an order with international/other vendors.
We have quickly checked with several distributors in Japan, and all of them are completely sold out, as is Max Factory.   We are going to explore more options on possible supplies around the world, but at this point it honestly does not look good.   We will leave all preorders open in the meantime in case we can find some sort of solution.
We again are extremely sorry about this, we did not expect Diamond to fail us on this item.
Sincerely, Joel Boblit President 

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