Monday, April 8, 2013

Import Monster News: D-Arts Wargreymon Renewal

For those of you that missed out on Wargreymon, now is your chance to get a new and improved one! Preorders start the 25th, I assume by the picture, and it appears to be a web exclusive, unfortunately.

More info to come!


  1. oh wow !, but what's the new thing abour it lol? i hope they release metal garurumon soon and re-release omnimon/omegamon (i missed it). If this is real then there's hope for a re-relase on omnimon/omegamon ^_^.

    1. Not too sure what's new. Comparison photos of this and stock photos of the normal Wargreymon show... no differences.

      Also, Metalgarurumon is getting released. End of June, and preorders closed a few hours ago.

    2. oh ! where did you find the d arts metal garurumon? i mean on what website?