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Bluefin/Tamashii Nations Offerings March/April 2014

Robot Spirits - Vifam

Vifam, from the popular 1980’s robot anime series Ginga Hyōryū Vifam, joins the highly detailed Robot Spirits action figure series!  With an intrepid form and dynamic articulation, the Vifam is ideal for fans wanting to recreate the action poses from the anime.  This set also features a full array of optional accessories for the Sling Pannier, Beam Gun, and shield.  An assortment of interchangeable hands are included to allow for dynamic posing.

Robot Spirits - Wing Gundam

The titular mobile suit from Gundam Wing joins the ranks of the Robot Spirits line!  Piloted by series protagonist Heero Yuy, the Wing Gundam may be the most recognizable Mobile Suit in all of Gundam, next to the original RX-78.  Using the most up to date technology, this ambitions Robot Spirits release will enable a transformation gimmick to convert to the Wing Gundam’s Bird Mode!  Simply remove the interchangeable hand parts.  In addition to boasting faithful proportion, meticulous detail and superior articulation, a full array of accessories are also included in set- special bonus battle damaged head parts for recreating the iconic opening scene, as well as  special beam saber parts for portraying the weapon in motion, a buster rifle, and interchangeable hands for dynamic posing.  This is the ultimate figure for any fan of Gundam Wing.

Ultra-Act - Ultraman Leo

The powerful Ultra from Nebula L77 brings the Ultra-Act action figure series to a whole new level!  With dynamic articulation, an expansive array of optional accessories, and special effect parts, Ultra-Act Ultraman Leo is one of the most advanced Ultra-Act figures to date.  Featuring his iconic Leo Nunchucks, Ultra-Mant defense umbrella, pinwheel (yes, an actual pinwheel accessory), Leo punch and kick effects, interchangeable timer, light ball and interchangeable hand parts.

S.H.Figuarts - Agito Shining Form

Kamen Rider Agito joins the S.H.Figuarts series once more- this time in Shining Form.  Portrayed in accurate proportion while boasting advanced S.H.Figuarts articulation technology, this high-end action figure features metallic colored red and silver pearl coloring for enhanced realism.  Includes the Shining Caliber blades in Twin Mode, along with four sets of interchangeable hand parts.

Saint Cloth Myth - Phoenix Ikki God Cloth -10th Anniversary Edition-

The Saint Cloth Myth series was launched in 2003, and since then over 7 million Saint Cloth Myth deluxe action figure have been sold around the world.  Tamashii Nations celebrates the 10th year anniversary of the Saint Cloth Myth series with a very special renewal of the 5 God Cloth titles.  The fifth and final commemorative title will be Phoenix Ikki.  This special commemorative set will feature an entirely new color scheme, as well as all new screaming face for portraying the iconic Elysian scene.  This deluxe set features a full array of interchangeable hands, as well as additional cloth armor parts for assembly of Phoenix object.\

Saint Cloth Myth EX - Gemini Saga (Surplice)

The Surplice Saints from the Hades arc of Saint Seiya join the Saint Cloth Myth EX series. The first title will be the popular Gemini Saga Surplice.  This elaborate set features sleek EX style proportion and brilliant cloth armor rendered in purple hued diecast.  Three interchangeable faces are included, featuring closed eyes, screaming, and grieving faces.  An additional short sword accessory and interchangeable hands are also included in the set.  As with all EX Saint Seiya figures, the Surplice armor parts can be re-arranged to form the Surplice Object.

Figuarts ZERO - Trafalgar Law -Battle Ver.-

The popular Figuarts ZERO battle version series of dynamic statues continues with the Supernova Straw Hat Pirate ally, Trafalgar Law!  Portrayed in meticulous detail down to his signature fur clothes, this all new precision sculpt features translucent step effects for enhanced realism, and captures the “Surgeon of Death” in mid-swing, with added motion effects on sword blade.  A special display stand is also included for displaying Law in all his glory.

Figuarts ZERO - Cecilia Alcott

The IS Academy pilots join the ranks of the FiguartsZERO series, starting with the UK IS Representative Candidate and Blue Tears IS pilot, Cecilia Alcott!  Cecilia is portrayed in stunning detail as seen in her IS suit, and captured in natural pose with flowing golden hair.  A special display stage is also included, allowing her to stand beautifully at the center of any collection.

Super Robot Chogokin - Genesic Gao Gai Gar

In what promises to be the most ambitious Super Robot Chogokin endeavor to date, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the release of powerful Genesic GaoGaiGar!  This figure will feature the Broken Magnum rocket punch gimmick, and accurate portrayal of Protect Shade technique!  An incredble balance between sculpt and articulation has been achieved, even allowing the wings to accurately unfold to a 10 in span.  Two interchangeable drill parts included are included, which can be swapped at the knees.  As a first production limited bonus, the charge arm parts accessories will be included in the set.  Other accessories include the Bolting Driver, Will Knife, interchangeable bolts (3 types), and multiple hands for posing.  The world has been warned: a new type of Gao Gai Gar is here.

The Hell & Heaven hands pictured are a first production run bonus.

D-Arts - Noel = Vermillion

Fans of Blazblue rejoice!  The first release in the D-Arts line will be none other than the popular Noel Vermillion.  Appropriately timed with the recent release of the new anime series, “Blazblue Alter Memory”, and PlayStation 3 game, “Blazblue Chronophantasm”, Noel has been captured in stunning from and boasting cutting-edge articulation.  This deluxe action figure will feature an extensive array of option parts and accessories to accurately recreate sequences from the game, as well as alternate facial expressions to display her in different situations.  Interchangeable hair parts allow for portrayal of character without her hat, two interchangeable face parts (screaming and taking damage) are featured for depiction of a variety of situations.  Two Bolverk gun accessories with optional shot effect parts are also included, as well as a multitude of interchangeable hands for display options. 

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