Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: D-Arts Zero (1st. Version) By Drew

How do I stack up?

Intro: With the release of D-Arts Zero (type 2), lets take a look at Bandais attempt at Zero (1st. version)


Package: (4.5/5)  One thing I love with import packages is the ability to re-pack the figures when you are done with them or have to move or whatever it maybe. It is very convenient.  Beautiful pics of the figures are shown in the back, while showing us whats inside the box thanks to the window.  Only problem is these boxes add up once you acquire a few imports.

Sculpt: (4/5)  Everything is pretty accurate to the source material.  The hair is somewhat of a soft sculpt, but very passable and acceptable.  Give Bandai extra scores for sculpting the blue triangle on Zeros' head and the green dots on his chest plate.  Nice little touches.  One thing I noticed was that the red portion of the helmet on the head is die cast, which is a blessing and a curse.  More on that later.........

Paint: (4.5/5)  Solid paint.  All the tampo stamps and decals are nice and clean.  As well as the red, white and black, no paint bleeding.  A nice bonus, all the white parts of Zero are painted in a metallic pearl white.

Articulation: (3.5/5)  Zero has the standard points of articulation.  Ball jointed head, shoulders, and hips.  His waist moves 360 degrees and the chest moves ever so slightly for more dynamic poses.  Elbows and knees are double jointed and have a nice range of motion.  Now to the bad.  Zeros' hair is articulated on a small ball joint, careful cause the joint is very small and could break easily.  I don't know if its just me, but there isn't any wrist articulation, making it very limited how the wrist can be displayed.  His foot/shin joints are relatively useless due to the design of the character.  And that die cast helmet?  If not the neck joint isn't "locked in," due to the weight of the helmet, Zero will have the tendency to look up. 


Accessories: (4/5)  Zero comes with good amount of accessories.  Two face plates, one looking angry and the other looking to the right.  Three set of hands, two open, two thumbs up and two fist.  A blue beam and options for normal non blaster arms.  Also of note, the blaster can go on both either left or right arm.  If only Bandai gave us a stand, Zero would of got a scored higher.

Watch Out!!! :
Aside from being careful with the hair joint.   Zero is a solid figure.  But one thing that did bug me was when I first got him, he was rather greasy right when I opened him.  It might have been an isolated incident, but I know of another collector who had a greasy Zero.  Also, just a heads up, this isn't the saber sword welding, box shoulder armor  Zero we all know and love.  This was the first Zero, for the saber sword welding, box shoulder armor Zero stay tuned.....

Overall: (3.5/5): While I gave the review generally positive reviews, this Zero just isn't the iconic Zero I had hoped for.  As a figure, while having flaws is a decent figure.  For any fans of Rock Man X, pick this guy up.  If you are waiting for the iconic Zero, get the type 2 release.  

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