Monday, August 27, 2012

Import Monsters Special: Ultraman Week!!

 "There's A Monster at the End of This Week"

 Lame children's book reference notwithstanding, at the end of this week we are going to bear witness to a rare even indeed:   On the 31st Tamashii is releasing a proper kaiju in their highly articulated Ultra-Act line!*  What's more, it's the iconic Ultra Monster, Red King!  In commemoration of this "once in a blue moon" event, Import Monsters will be having a special Ultraman Week!  For the next seven days, Import Monsters will be putting a different Ultra-Act article or review up every evening.  Starting tonight with Glen Fire!  Enjoy, Ultra Fans!

*If you're not sure why this is a big deal, a brief explanation:  The last time a proper kaiju was released in this line was the web exclusive Golza (reviewed here), one year ago!  For someone who collects the line primarily for the monsters, that's a long wait indeed!


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