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The Monster Graveyard:  Unreleased Ultra-Act Prototypes II

  The Monster Graveyard is back!  Last time we visited the Ultra-Act line, we looked at various monsters and villains whose prototypes have been shown, but have yet to see release.  This time we're going to look at the other side of the coin:  The unreleased Ultramen and heroes! 

More Tiga Forms

 Tiga Tornado
Anticipation Level:  *
Likelihood of Release:  *

 Tiga Glitter
Anticipation Level:  *
Likelihood of Release:  *
Ultraman Tiga has been covered pretty thoroughly so far.  Tamashii has released his three main forms (Multi-type, Sky type, and power type), Tiga Dark, and Evil Tiga.  Believe it or not, there are actually several more forms of Tiga:  Tiga Tornado form, Tiga Blast form, and Tiga Glitter.  They were all shown at a past Tamashii event.  Will these see release?  I personally don't think so...  At least not these exact sculpts.  With the introduction of the 2.0 body, any Tiga figures released from this point on will most likely use the new tooling.
Besides, Tiga Blast is nothing more than a swapped out head and chest piece. 

 Ultraman Nexus Junis
Anticipation Level:  ****
Likelihood of Release:  ***
Ultraman Nexus starred in one of the more unusual Ultra Series.  Appropriately, he was quite the unusual Ultraman!  Believe it or not, Ultraman Nexus is actually the evolved form of Ultraman the Next...  And the unevolved form of Ultraman Noa!  And the weirdness only starts there!  His Ultra-Act prototype was shown at a Tamashii event in 2011, painted with a red color scheme to represent his Junis form.  I would be great to see this figure released, as his abnormal form would make him stand out nicely among the fairly uniform Ultra Heroes.  Speaking of abnormal forms...

Ultraman Noa
Anticipation Level:  ****
Likelihood of Release:  **
The final form in the Next> Nexus> Noa line is quite the sight!  Definitely one of the coolest and most majestic Ultra hero designs!  The prototype is fantastic as well, with a ton of sharp details and a sleek metallic look.  Here's hoping this extra dimensional hero sees release along with Nexus.  The odds don't look good though.  He had limited screen time, appearing at the very end of the Ultraman Nexus series (as well as appearing very briefly in Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial).

 Ultraman Hikari

Anticipation Level:  **
Likelihood of Release:  ***
Ultraman Mebius's ally, Ultraman Hikari was shown at a Tamashii event alongside several monsters and aliens.  Strangely, most of the prototypes on display at that particulat show have not yet been released.  Ultraman Mebius fans are no doubt clamoring for Hikari to have his Ultra-Act debut.  And the chances are pretty good...  Tamashii loves releasing Ultramen.  As I'm not a fan of Hikari's design, however, my anticipation level is fairly low. 

 Reionic Burst Gomora

Anticipation Level:  ***
Likelihood of Release:  **
Reionic Burst Gomora was shown alongside Ultraman Hikari (as well as Babalou Seijin and Baltan I, both covered previously in our firstUltra-Act Monster Graveyard article ).  While it's just a repainted Gomora, it's a legitimate variant.  If this figure sees release, it will likely be an exclusive of some sort,

Thats it for now, Ultra Fans!  Hope you enjoyed this visit to to the Monster Graveyard!!

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