Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Ultra-Act Glen Fire by Justin

  Introduction:  If you've seen Ultraman Zero the movie (aka Ultraman Zero:  The Revenge of Belial), then chances are you remember Glen Fire.  Laid back, arrogant, and charming (in a Han Solo kind of way), Glen Fire hung out with a crew of space pirates.  Nevertheless he came through for Ultraman Zero, lending his impressive firepower to battle the legions of Kaiser Belial.  As a result of his bravery and loyalty, Glen Fire became a part of the Ultimate Force Zero! 

  Like the other members of Ultimate Force Zero (Ultraman Zero, Mirror Knight, and Jean Bot), Glen Fire has received the Ultra-Act treatment.  How is the figure?  Read on and find out...

Package (4/5):  As nice as the character specific Ultra-Act packages are, I'm tiring a bit of the new style.  The older starburst packaging was more uniform and appealing.   Personal preference aside, the box is still very nice, with a picture of Glen Fire on the front (as well as a clear window through which to view the figure).  The back of the package showcases the usual pre release pictures.  Nothing unusual here.

Sculpt (5/5):  The sculpt of this figure is nothing short of fantastic!  From the intricacies of his metallic torso to the muscle definition of his body, he's absolutely perfect! You'd be hard pressed to find a more detailed figure in this line!  In fact, he looks so good that the Zero Ultra-Act figure seems almost frail next to him.  Particularly amazing is the sculpted detail of the metallic portion of his back.  It's clear that the sculptors went all out.  All in all, a great effort!

Paint (4.5/5):  For the most part, the paint on Ultra-Act Glen Fire is excellent.  There is a bit of slop here and there, but it's not enough that it's distracting.  This figure's color scheme is a very attractive and bright combination of silver, red, and black.  Combined with the translucent orange of his head and chest plate, it allows Ultra-Act Glen Fire to pop on any shelf!

Articulation (5/5):  Ultra-Act Glen Fire has all of the joints we've come to expect from Tamashii including:  A double ball jointed neck; shifting double ball jointed shoulders; swivel shoulder/biceps;  double hinged elbows; ball jointed wrists; a ball jointed torso, a ball jointed waist, shifting double ball jointed hips (with internal swivels for turning the hips); double hinged knees; ball joined ankles; and hinged toes.  All the articulation works very well, and is firm enough that he can stand on one foot!

Accessories (5/5):  Hoo boy, is this guy loaded with accessories!  Ultra Act Glen Fire comes with pretty much anything one could imagine him coming with, and everything is just awesome!  He comes with the following accessories:  His "Fire Stick"; a flaming version of the "Fire Stick"; a swappable fiery head piece; a "Fire Punch" piece that fits on the hand peg in lieu of a hand; a flaming hand; a "thumbs up" hand; open, grabbing or gesturing hands; wider grabbing/gesturing hands, and a hand to hold the "Fire Stick".  Many of these accessories are molded in translucent orange/yellow, so they look awesome backlit. 

There's one minor problem with Glen Fire's accessories.  His Fire Sticks are so heavy that he needs to hold them with two hands.  Otherwise his arms will most likely sag and the figure might fall and be broken.

WATCH OUT!!  Not much to watch out for on this figure.  One thing that MUST be stressed is that care has to be taken when swapping hands.  The small pegs have a tendency to snap on Ultra-Act figures.

Overall (4.75/5):  Glen Fire is a good example of what an Ultra-Act should be:  Well sculpted, well painted, highly articulated, sturdy, and absolutely loaded with accessories.  All in all, a recommended buy.  Especially if you're a fan of the character.

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