Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Import Monster News

S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah's wings are FRAGILE!!

    Shortly after reviewing S.H. Monsterarts  King Ghidorah my worst fears were realized.  The flimsy wing joint snapped clean off.  I had mentioned in the Watch Out section that I was afraid of the hard plastic snapping.  Please please please handle the wings with care!


  1. Hey Justin, it's Arlo from the FB Group, so it happened to you too, huh? That sucks bro. That is exactly how mine broke, albeit on the opposite wing. This is ridiculous. Did you send a message to Bluefin yet? I sent mine yesterday, but haven't received a reply yet. Getting a replacement from Amiami is slim to none, so I hardly bothered trying. If I got it from Hobby Search, they'd send a replacement upon showing proof of the break. I've heard some awesome stories about Hobby Search when it comes to issues like these, especially with the more pricier X-Plus figures. Perhaps I'll order Dessy from there whenever I decide to get him. But, yeah, KG was a cruel disappointment if you ask me. It may look epic, and the buildup for him has been intense, and look what we got.... However, if you want to fix it, and display it, just use Gorilla Glue. It worked for mine. The wing looks as good as new, but articulation was sacrificed though. However, do what you want, it's your figure dude. Not to be blunt or anything, but I was expecting this to happen to someone else sooner or later. Welcome to the Broken Wing club! But yeah, sorry dude. KG is amongst the worst figures I've ever bought in my opinion. That still doesn't mean that hate S.H. MonsterArts.... just KG. >.<

  2. It's a shame because there's so much to love. Wings aside, there is some excellent articulation. Thanks for the words, bud. Hopefully people heed the warnings and we end up being the only two members. Appreciate the tip about Gorilla Glue... I'll have to try it.

  3. I just got mine today. The wings seem fine so far but the tip of left tail falls off without even touching it. His necks keep comming apart very easily too. Seems this figure has a lot if quality control issues. Sorry to hear about your breaks guys that really sucks. I hope you get the issues resolved one way or another.

  4. *pukeinmouth*

    It practically just.. Wow, what were they thinking?

    Also, I see the other one in the background.. I guess there are pros to buying two!