Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review- Revoltech Yamaguchi Rathalos Hunter

Introduction: Earlier this year, Kaiyodo released the amazing Rathalos Revoltech figure. Obviously, with such an awesome monster release, everyone was excited for the Hunter that wears him as an armor. To get the hype going even more, Capcom announced Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the West in September, right before this figure was released.

With the Monster Hunter boom this year of amazing Monster Hunter games and products, surely this figure could keep the hype train going!... Right? 

Package (4/5): Once again, the basics here. Normal window to see the figure and promotional shots cover the box.

Once again, Kaiyodo release two versions of the same figure; one normal Rathalos hunter, and one Azure Rathalos hunter. The only difference between the two are the paint apps and the blue sticker on the window.

Sculpt (4/5): Once again, Kaiyodo nails the sculpt on this figure... For the most part. Some parts look awkward in some angles, while some just don't seem to *get* the armor right. Overall, though, aside from a custom figure made by a world class sculptor, you won't find better... For now.

Paint (3/5): The figure has really, really nice paint apps. Everything looks gritty, and you can tell the hunter can just returned from smacking around a few Velocidrome and Great Jaggi for fun. All of the spikes have perfect markings and don't bleed into the armor. Why the low score? Read the Watch Out! section below.

Articulation (3/5):  Okay, here's where we start going down hill... While this figure can achieve some amazing poses, it's a hassle to get him there. The joints on this reviewer's figure came rotated in angles that shouldn't be possible for humans. After this reviewer reset the joints... It was still a hassle to get the legs to look right, and he cannot stand on his own accord; he needs a stand to look right, and the one that comes with him is the typical *meh* Revoltech stand.

If one can put up the good fight and get him to pose right, he's a figure one will LOVE to put in fun poses.

The shoulder plates move (with the spikes), the skirt moves, the belt moves, head and helmet tail, arms, legs.... Though remember that the sculpt can get in the way.

Accessories (4/5): Kaiyodo, once again, did a great job with the accessories. The ShinyRathalosSwd G (Great Sword) and Blazing Falchion (Sword and Shield) look phenomenal. The hunter comes with four sets of hands: One fist set, one fist set with holes for the SnS, one grasping set for the GS, and one open set that are articulated.... However, notice something wrong with the SnS pose above? The sword is supposed to go in his left hand, not right. The reason this reviewer has it swapped is due to the fact that the hole for the left hand is too small to fit the pole for the SnS in.

He also comes with a Revoltech stand and a little shockwave effect for him to stand on... However, this reviewer never removed them from their packaging due to the fact they really aren't needed here.

WATCH OUT! Okay, now the fun part....

Don't be surprised if one would end up breaking a joint while posing the hunter. This reviewer broke the joint on the hunter's back to hold the GS, and almost broke a joint posing the arms. Luckily, the joints click together, so it isn't too big of an issue.

Also, while the paint looks nice, is has a tendency to... rub off. You heard it right. This hunter's horns have some base coat blue sneaking through.

Overall (3/5): This figure had the potential to be a shining example that the Revoltech name could make an astounding figure that would have no equal... And not only dropped the ball, but missed the target. This figure isn't bad, but it is nowhere near the running for figure of the year. Diehard fans of the series will not entirely regret the purchase, but if one wants a better Rathalos hunter, and is willing to spend a few more dollars, wait for the hunter in the Monster Hunter 4 Japanese collector's edition.

Certainly, though, lots of fun can be had with this guy, and he looks marvelous. Now, if you'll excuse this hunter, he's preparing for his role in Monster Hunter 4.



  1. Good stuff! I got the Regular version and I love it. The Rathalos is awesome too. I hope they continue to expand on the monster hunter collection.

    1. Yeah, they're good figures, but I just hassle to pose this guy so much I'm afraid I'm going to break something.

      Oh well. No more hunters for me, I think.

      Now, if they'd just make Zinogre and Lagiacrus....
      Deviljho would be nice, too.