Saturday, February 2, 2013

Import Monster News- Bluefin Offerings

Bluefin offerings for June 2013!

RS Full Armor Unicorn (Unicorn mode) $60 (Needs more Daka)
RS Banshee Norn (Unicorn) $42 (With updated Vibration Nail)
SRC J-Decker $60 (Best Police Force Ever)
Trident Stage Clear, Smoke, White $14
FiguartsZero Trafalgar Law Shichibukai Ver $31 (Lookin' pretty cool there)
FiguartsZero Ceasar Clown $46 (Insert poison gas jokes)
S.h. Figuarts Konjiki no Yami $50 (Eve is that you?)
AGP MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero Ver. EW $64 (She so fine!)


SRC Mazinger Z $40 (ROCKET PUNCH!) 
SRC Great Mazinger $50 (THUNDER BREAK!) 
GFFMC Psycho Gundam $109.99 (Yes it transforms. Yes diecast.)
SCM Hades $94.99 (Gotta love that sexy black armor!)
RS Banshee Destroy Mode $45.99 (You should grab this and the Norn!)
RS Billibine $50 (Lemme hear some Aura Battler Dunbine love!)

Putotyra license pending (yes we know grrr!)

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