Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review - Sci-Fi/Tokusatsu Revoltech 021 Anguirus

Introduction: The first villain, Godzilla's right-hand man and more, Anguirus is one monster that is almost as old as Godzilla, and is quite possibly one of the most iconic Toho monsters. A great design, a great monster... but is this a great figure? Read on and find out!

Box (4/5): As usual, the box does its job well, especially for a Revoltech box. The front shows off an impressive, stylish image of the figure, while the inside flap showcases some information and stills from the Showa era movie Destroy All Monsters, while the back shows off the promotional pictures for Anguirus.

Sculpt (5/5): Absolutely fantastic. Normally, a Revoltech figure will have a sculpt that is made in a way that is hindered or is gross-looking, but this is quite possibly this reviewer's favorite Revoltech figure in regards to sculpt.

The horns on the head look and feel sharp, the the horn on the nose being somewhat blunt. The teeth and mouth are almost flawless, and truly represent Anguirus' snout. His backplate is a sheet of rubber-esque material that can be freely bent as needed, with the tail and arms featuring a fantastic implementation of spikes. The scale are really fantastic, too.

Paint (5/5): The paint on Anguirus is fantastic! There is no slop, aside from a little bit on the eyes, and all of the horns, spikes, and teeth look great for a mass-produced figure.

Articulation (4/5):  The articulation on Anguirus is nothing more than what one would expect from a Revoltech figure. The abdomen, neck, shoulder, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet, and base of the tail are all Revoltech joints, with a hinge joint for the mouth, and a wire for the tail. Overall, the articulation works, though it could be done better. Interesting poses can be made, such as crawling, rearing up, and anything else one could think of for this figure, but the nature of  the Revoltech joint tends to limit articulation to an extent, and it can be difficult to fiddle with Anguirus. This is a "pose it and leave it" figure.

Accessories (1/5): Annnnnnnd now the bad part.

Anguirus is a fantastic figure... but the accessories... not so much. Just the Moonlight S-Y3. It's nicely painted and detailed, and comes with a trail of smoke, but... aside from the "completion"  value of Destroy All Monsters, it is very forgettable as an accessory, given the size.

WATCH OUT!!!: Anguirus is a very fragile figure, sculpt wise. All of the horns and spikes, save for the tail and the backplate, are made of hard plastic, and feel very fragile, especially if he takes a shelf dive onto the floor. Also, be careful of the tail. The wire has been known to snap, and the one on this reviewer's figure has indeed done so a matter of week after opening it.

 Overall (5/5): Despite a few drawbacks, if one is looking for a rendition of Anguirus to pair up with the S.H. MonsterArts line, other Revoltech kaiju, or is looking for just the right Anguirus figure, this is the one to get! Being out of production, the price of this figure is going up and down a bit, so nab it while he is cheap! Quite possibly this reviewer's favorite Revoltech figure!

Unfortunately, though, King Ghidorah found out about this awesome review, and decided to get some revenge for Anguirus' neck bite in Destroy All Monsters...

Until tomorrow, folks! Keep checking back for more of Godzilla Week 2013!

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  1. Excellent review as usual. This really is Revoltechs best effort at Kaiju.