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The Monster Graveyard:  Unreleased Ultra Act Prototypes by Justin

  Ultra-Act, as you probably know, is Bandai/Tamashii's premiere line of highly detailed and articulated Ultraman figures.  There have been many different releases in the line, of both the Ultramen and their various enemies.  With the recent announcement of the Ultra-Act Ultraman Ace figure (along with confirmation of Taro and Jack), I saw it fit to remind everyone of the prototypes of various unreleased Ultra Monsters and other enemies.  These have been shown at various events.  Some are most likely going to see release...  others, not so much.  Enjoy!

  Ace Killer
  Anticipation Level:  ***
  Likelihood of Release:  *****
  Yapool's robotic creation, the Ace Killer, was a major antagonist for Ultraman Ace.  With Ace receiving an Ultra-Act, this figure will most likely see release sooner than later.  While he's not my favorite character, I'm always up for more Ultra villains!

  Anticipation Level:  ****
  Likelihood of Release:  ****
  The shapeshifting metallic menace Apatee seems like a shoe-in for release to battle his Ultra rivals, Gaia and Agul!  Hopefully the spikes shown in the picture above are released along with him.

 Babalou Seijin
  Anticipation Level:  **
  Likelihood of Release:  ***
  Ultraman Leo's tricky nemesis, Babalou Seijin was shown at an event back in 2009.  Nothing has been heard since.  Seeing as Magma Seijin has been released to fill in the Leo villain slot, I don't think we'll be seeing this master of disguise any time soon.
Baltan Seijin I/ Multiple Baltan Variant
  Anticipation Level:  *****/*
  Likelihood of Release:  ****/**
  Ultraman Hayata's arch nemesis Baltan will likely be released in the future, as the Baltan is one of the superhero's most popular foes.  Strangely (but not regrettably) the Baltan Seijin II was released first.  However, with the release of Ultraman 2.0 in July it seems this figure won't be far behind.  I'm neither looking forward to the multiple Baltan variant, nor do I expect it to see release as anything but a Tamashii web exclusive.  But you never know....  It may end up as a show exclusive.  Either way I'm not the least bit interested.

  Anticipation Level:  *****
  Likelihood of Release:  *
  This positively massive figure of the evil god Gatanozoa was on display at a Tamashii event some time ago.  As gorgeous as it is, I wouldn't hold my breath for its release.  Tiga will have to fight Evil Tiga and Golza for now.

  Anticipation Level:  ****
  Likelihood of Release:  **1/2
  The greedy monster, Kanegon, was shown at a recent Tamashii event.  It would be cool to get an Ultra Q monster or two in the line, so I'd be all for this coin-muncher's release.  Whether or not it'll happen, however, is uncertain.

  Metron Seijin 
  Anticipation Level:  *****
  Likelihood of Release:  ****
  With the rerelease of the first Ultraman I don't believe Seven 2.0 is far behind.  With the hypothetical re-release of Ultraseven, his enemy Metron Seijin will most likely follow at some point.  Very much looking forward to this one!

  Well I hope you enjoyed this recap of unreleased Ultra Monster/ Villain prototypes. 

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