Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Imported Thoughts

Welcome back to the Monster Graveyard. 

Like Justins' article: Monster Graveyard: Justin edition we shall examine unreleased prototypes and the odds that they will be released and the hype surrounded by them. (Scale out of 5)

Figma Archer from Fate/Stay Night
Anticipation Level: ****
Likelihood of Release: **
Archer, the bad ass servant of Rin Tosaka.  When first shown, Type Moon fans went gogo gaga for this figure.  Unfortunately, that was shown a few years ago.  Since Fate/Stay Night has evolved to the new series, Fate/Stay Zero, the ship might have sailed since Good Smile Company has moved on releasing Fate/Stay Zero Figmas.  One may hope it gets released with a video game bundle.  But the odds of a regular release are very slim.  

D-Arts King of Fighters
Anticipation Level: ***
Likelihood of Release: ***
When the prototypes were first shown this past Spring, many had to applause that these beloved SNK characters were finally getting articulated figures.  Prior to the D-Arts, SNK KOF merchandise included many statues, however there were more of a one shot then a comprehensive line.  The potential this line could offer is limitless, the KOF roster rivals many of other beloved fighting game franchises.  If this line really took off perhaps other SNK characters from the Samurai Showdown or World Heroes could get released.  Sadly, since shown in Spring, nothing else has surfaced nor new information has been known.  But since, its only been less then a year, since the prototypes have been shown, we can only hope theres still a chance these might get a release date.

S.H. Figuarts "Base" Goku
Anticipation Level; ****
Likelihood of Release: ****
This prototype is very interesting.  Initially when first shown, prototypes of Super Saiyen 3 Goku, Vegeta and Trunks were also shown.  However, due to lack of interest in the Asian markets for Dragon Ball Z /Kai merchandise for whatever reason, the line was dead in the water.  Fast forward to the present, with a partnership between Blue Fin and Tamashii, Bandai JP decided to release the 3 prototypes aforementioned due to high interest of Dragon Ball Z / Kai Figuarts in North American markets.  The anomaly is, every figure shown has been released, except 'base" Goku.  Bandai JP has even gone as far as planning to release a newly sculpted Cell in Oct.  So with the Cell release, it proves the line has been revived.  Perhaps, Bandai JP is just bidding there time until "base" Goku gets released.  Nevertheless, the slippery slope is fans will demand "base" versions of past release Gohan and Vegeta.  I for one would welcome them with open arms.

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider X
Anticipation Level: ****
Likelihood of Release: *****
S.H. Figuarts Riderman
Anticipation: ***
Likelihood of Release: *****
Lets end this article on a positive note.  As many of you readers might know, these two Showa Riders weren't the only prototypes shown.  If I can remember the original picture correctly, the other prototypes shown were Rider 1, Rider 2, V3, Amazon, and Stronger.  And all 5 will be and going to be released, Stronger will be out in July.  If Bandai JP is 5:7, odds are very high these final two Showa Era Riders will get released.  And the beauty is the pics shown here are rough templates compared to what is actually being released, which blow these older prototypes out of the water.


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