Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Figma Samus Aran by Drew

Introduction: Perhaps one of the most anticipated imports of the year.  This will be many collectors first Figma, which is really saying something, since there have been over 100 releases.  Perhaps this is due to Samus' worldwide appeal and demand.  So if you are reading this review, lets skip the background formalities and jump right in.

Package (5/5):  If you are aware of Figmas, then skip this portion.  Standard, Figma presentation, on the front of the box, there is a nice window showing off Samus and her main accessories.  On the back, it shows possible ways to pose the Figma.  The front of the package offers a nice color scheme which matches the "Metroid theme."  One thing to note,  inside the package, the background insert can be punched out and is intended to be used as decoration for the base of the Figma stand.

Sculpt (5/5):  Everything about the sculpt screams Samus.  Every little detail is included.  The minor line details in the armor, mask, canon are sculpted.  Bravo to Good Smile Company for sculpting the joints to look like part of the armor.  To sum the sculpt up in one word: perfection.

Paint (5/5):  The metallic paint is exquisite.  Everything except the black portions are metallic.  The contrast of the golds, yellows, greens, and blue are all dead on.  No paint slop what so ever.  Once again to sum up the paint in two words: exquisite perfection.  

Articulation (4.5/5):  Lets start with the good.  Double ball jointed shoulders.  Ball joint on the shoulder armor as well as the actual shoulder.  Double jointed elbows and ball joints wrist.  Ball jointed hips that can rotate 360 degrees.  Knees bend back and forth, as well as 360 degrees.  Ankle articulation is on rocker joints and the toes are articulated, which might be a first for Figmas.  Now the bad.  The head can only rotate left and right, due to the helmet and the torso is very limited.  The torso can only move back and forth and side to side but not with great range.  

Accessories (4.95/5):  Samus comes with two blast effects, the morph ball, canon attachment to simulate missile shot, 5 hands, 1 fist, 2 open hand variations, 1 thumbs up hand, and a holding hand.  And what comes with every Figma, a stand and the Figma ziplock bag.  So why not the perfect score? If only Samus came with a missile she would be perfect.  

Watch Out: Nothing on the actual Figma, but don't pay Ebay prices yet for her.  

Overal (5/5):  I own a decent amount of Figmas, but never have seen Good Smile Company go above and beyond to meet collectors anticipations and expectations.  Keep in mind, Figmas are already one of the best 1:12 figures out in the market, yet they exceeded their own capacity.  Bravo Good Smile Factory.  

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