Monday, July 7, 2014

Import Monsters Theme Week

Figures I Like From Lines I Don't Collect By Companies I Hate Week 2014

Import Monsters was founded with one goal in mind:  To share our love of imported, super articulated action figures with our fellow fans.  Well, times are changing...  And we have been feeling the need to expand; To broaden our horizons.*  With lines like NECA's Pacific Rim and Hasbro's Star Wars Black series, we feel like perhaps an eye should be kept on our own shores as well.  And while these companies re no doubt producing some interesting figures, it doesn't necessarily mean we're all gung ho...
Whether it's Hasbro, Playmates, Mattel, or Bandai, there's no doubt that most collectors have at least sampled some Western product.  Many even swear by Western lines such as Masters of the Universe Classics or Transformers.  Well...
Not This Guy.  I'm an S.H. Monsterarts collector first, and a toy collector second.  However, there have been some figures that slipped through the cracks...  Whether it be for nostalgic reasons, or similarities with my main focus, these toys SOMEHOW ended up in my collection.
And that's what this week is about.  The toys I like from the lines I DO NOT collect...  From companies that Frustrate me to no end.  Each night is gonna be a review of toys both old and new, running the gamut from Hasbro to NECA.  And these aren't gonna be your typical IM reviews either.  The tone's gonna be laid back and sometimes brutally honest.
Western figure fans beware, this IS the point of no return.  First up, Masters of the Universe Classics Rattlor...
*Steven has already done some reviews of NECA Pacific Rim figures on his Youtube Channel, so this isn't completely foreign territory.

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