Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Import Monster News

  Bluefin Confirms New S.H. Monsterarts Figures at New York Comic Con 2012!

Some pretty exciting news has surfaced regarding the S.H. Monsterarts toy line from Bandai/Tamashii!  A Bluefin representative known as Derringer posted this on the Toho Kingdom forums: 

"We're gonna have new monsters unveiled for NYCC in October. Hopefully the licensing for the 1st Western monsterArts figure will also be done by then so we can show off the prototype"

  Very interesting!  Apparently Western monsters are going to be thrown into the mix.  So, who does that entail?  King Kong?  American Godzilla?  The Cloverfield Monster?  And what exactly does that mean for the future of the line?  Be sure to check in for our NYCC coverage in October!!


  1. This is awesome news. I just bought my first Monsterarts Being none other than Godzilla. This was partially thanks to your review. I also have ordered Spacegodzilla, Fire Rodan & Mechagidzilla. King Ghidorah & Burning Godzilla are preordered. I can't wait to see what new figures they cook up!

  2. I'm right with you on that! My honest opinion? With the recent announcements of both Burning Godzilla and Junior, I'd say Destoroyah is a shoe in!

  3. Ah, I can already feel the OCD collector in me stirring.