Saturday, September 29, 2012

Import Monster News

  Another S.H. Monsterarts Destoroyah pic...  With a price?


Release Date: February 2013
Price:  12,600 yen

  Yeesh, that's steep.  But is it unjustified?  Check the pic above for in film scale.  That's gonna be one MASSIVE figure.  Possibly more so than King Ghidorah.
Credit to John Thomson


  1. Thanks for the pics! He looks crazy cool. The price tag made me shed a tear though. He looks more Godzillas size in the pictures but I guess it's still in the prototype stage. If he is scaled like the film pic he is going to be massive. I still can't wait for Ghidorah to see for myself how monstrous he is. He just left the Japan! A few more days til his arrival, Oh Joy!

  2. As per our discussion, Justin, I don't think he'll be too much taller than the other figures in the line, and I think his head will come up to Mechagodzilla's, with his horn going over.

    However... He wil be much, MUCH wider than anything else in the line thus far.