Thursday, September 13, 2012

Import Monster News

  Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom 9-13-2012

S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla Junior

S.H. Figuarts Skydine and Grandine

S.H. Figuarts Fourze Fusion

S.H. Figuarts Ryuki Assortments

S.H. Figuarts Basco and Figuarts Zero Sally

S.H. Figuarts Go Busters

S.H. Figuarts Heartcatch Cure Sunshine Silhouette 

Robot Damashii Gold Doraemon


  1. Any word when the Monsterarts Junior will go up for preorder? Also do you think it will be a cheaper release similar to Fire Rodan? He looks great!

  2. S. H. Monsterarts Junior is already up for preorder. While he's an exclusive in Japan, he'll be available normally at sites such as Bigbadtoystore ( Anime Island (