Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Import Monster News

New official images of D-Arts Rockman / Mega Man

Release Date: Expected Late December 2012 
Price: 3675 yen 

[The set includes]
-Rocman / Mega Man
-Shot effect
-Two face replacement part
-One each for the left and right wrist replacement
-(With through holes) Buster tip
-Right arm replacement
-Buster replacement (for left arm)


-Pre-Painted Action Figure
-Material: PVC, ABS made
-Size: 105mm


  1. Oh man, I gotta get this guy. He's a small little bugger.

    does anyone know if the "shot effect" just means the 3 shot shown here or it includes something else?

  2. Given what is shown, we can only speculate that the "shot effect" is the 3 shot. But most likely, more details will be revealed closer to release. Thanks for looking GreenAiden555.