Friday, June 1, 2012

Import Monster News!!! BIG Updates!

  Several new and interesting items are up for preorder at Amiami! 

  First up is the Super Robot Chogokin Daijushin, or as we Americans knew him:  The freakin' Megazord!!!  This thing looks beautiful...  and ready to face off against whatever monsters happen to threaten your toy shelf!

He's available for 3,520 yen (45 usd) here:

  Second we have the Sci Fi Revoltech entry #039 Spider-Man!  While I'm not too crazy about the superhero entries in this particular line, I'm sure Spider-Fans are chompin' at the bit to get ahold of this guy. 
  This fella is available right now for 2,850 yen (or around 36.50 usd) right here:

  Next up are a few releases from Figma, including:

  Kiritsugu Emiya, the main protagonist of Fate Zero!

  He's available for 2,650 yen/ 36.50 usd at

  Fate Zero Saber is being rereleased, too!
  Saber will run you 2,230 yen/28.56 usd at

  Next up is Xenosaga III villainess T-elos.  She's armed and ready to take on your Figma KOS-MOS!
She'll set you back 3,000 yen/38.43 usd at

    Last (but certainly not least) is Amiami's preorder page for S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah

  At 26% off the original price it's a great deal as usual!!  Ghidorah is selling for 7,200 yen/ 92.23 usd, as opposed to the suggested retail price of 125.00 usd.

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