Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: S.H Figuarts Shinken Gold by Drew

Rider ah wrong franchise.

Introduction:  Lets just get this out of the way.  First, I am not a fan of Shinken Rangers, more of a Kamen Rider guy, however there was a "buy one get one 1/2 off" sale at Toys R Us, and couldn't resist purchasing Figuarts locally.  Please forgive with me Shinken Rangers fanS for my lack of knowledge to the property.  This is solely a review of the figure.  On to the review....

Packaging: (5/5)  Nothing new here, same gorgeous package by Bandai.  Nice window to inspect the figure and the accessories.  The back shows off possible poses of the toy.  Always love it when the box can store any extra accessories, instead of a plastic bag. 

Sculpt: (4.5/5)  Another solid sculpt by Bandai.  Shinken Gold looks very much like the source material.  The helmet has some nice raised detail.  Little minor areas such as the chest, arms, pants and boots have small sculpting details on them rather then just taking the shortcut and painting them.  Belt is also sculpted too.  Even the accessories are sculpted well for such little items.  

Paint: (4.5/5)  Very nice paint application.  Nice contrast of matte blue, semi gloss gold, silver and white.  On the left side of the chest is a small paint detail of what looks like some sort of insignia, but Bandai did a good job with the also.  Only issue with mine is on the right shoulder there is a small paint bleed.  But it is forgivable.  Once again even the accessories have nice paint applications. 

Articulation: (4.5/5)  Very similar to the Kamen Rider Figuarts.  Head looks up and down and 360 degrees.  The neck moves back and forth.  Shoulders are on a hinge and move back and forth.  Also another shoulder joint on a ball joint for up and down motion as well as 360 degrees movement.  Double jointed elbows and ball joint wrist.  Torso moves subtly back and forth and side to side.  Waist can move 360 degrees.  Hips are on a ball joint and also pull down for extended poses.  Double joint knees.  Ankles move side to side and up and down and finally the toes and bend up.  Pretty much every point of articulation a figure needs.

Accessories: (4.75/5)  Ok, now is the time to please forgive my ignorance.  From what is looks like, Shinken Gold comes with every essential accessory needed.  Regarding hands, he comes with a set of fist, a set of hands for holding and a extra hand to hold the large accessories.  The sword or dagger also comes in a few variants.  One variant has the sword coming out of the sheath and the other is sword and sheath combo.  Also included is a squid and gold crab like thing, a red circle to perhaps transform,  a blue water jug looking item and another sword that looks like an exaggerated bottle opener.  Only thing missing is a stand.  Figmas spoil me.  

Watch Out:  Nothing with this figure.  But if you get the Gold or Red Shinken Ranger and plan on completing the team and be very expensive since they were all Tamashii Web exclusives.

Overall: (4.5/5)  A very nice Figuart that can be found at Toys R Us.  Nothing really stands out, however, all the minor and major details are executed very well.  Yet another solid release by Bandai. 


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