Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: D Arts Zero (Type 2) by Drew

Introduction:  D Arts Zero (Ver. 1) was reviewed earlier in this blog with mixed receptions.  How does the Type 2 version stack up compared to the first release?

Packaging: (5/5) No complaints on the packaging.  It goes well with the rest of the D-Arts Rockman X line.  Nice big window on the front and some great shot of the toy in the back.

Type 2 vs Ver. 1
Sculpt: (5/5) Nothing wrong with the sculpt, this is clearly the Zero we all know and love.  The more iconic Zero, which can be found in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom.  The differences between Ver. 1 and Type 2 sculpting wise are the shoulders, chest piece, torso, crotch area, and shins.

Paint: (4/5) Type 2 Zero still has similar paint scheme as Ver.1, including the nice metallic pearl finish on the white areas.  One issue with my Zero is on the crotch there is sight paint bleeding from the yellow on the white area.  But this may be an isolated incident.

Articulation: (4/5)  Zero has all the essential articulation, ball jointed head, shoulders, hips and feet.  Even the hair is on a small ball joint.  Double elbows and knees.  Torso and waist are also articulated.  But like the first release the articulation issues remain the same.  The useless wrist articulation or lack of and the shin articulation is rather hard to pose and look natural.  Once again this is due to the design of the character but as a vanilla poser, it is very bothersome that it requires a lot of effort to get Zero displayed in a neutral pose.

Accessories: (4.5/5) All the important accessories are present.  2 extra faces, 3 sets of hands, a pair for holding the Z-Saber, a pair of open hands, and pair of fist.  Also an additional arm to replace the mega-buster.  Now lets get to the Z-Saber.  There are two Z-Sabers, one pointed tip and one dull tip and a slashing effect for the Z-Saber.  Also, if you have the first version, you pretty much have all the accessories Zero is going to ever need.  However, Bandai hasn't given us a stand for Zero.

Watch Out:  Be careful with the hair, while it won't break if handled carefully, it looks like it is rather delicate.

Overall: (3.25/5)  This figure gets a lower score then Ver. 1 Zero, because Bandai disappointed me twice with Zero.  If only they improved the articulation flaws of the first version this would of been a home run.  Even though, I am happy to finally have the iconic Z-Saber welding version, this will most likely be my final D-Arts Rockman X figure.  Now bring on Terry Bogard!!!



  1. i had a problem where his wrist peg completely popped out of the joint while posing him, has anyone else had this issue?

    1. you mean the small black thing? yea, mine too.