Monday, July 15, 2013

D-Arts Wishlist

We all have those wishlists floating around somewhere, so for D-Arts week, here is my top 5 wants for the D-Arts line!

#5: Omegamon renewal

Omegamon was one of the first entries into the D-Arts line and, given how Wargreymon is getting a "2.0" version, so to speak, and MetalGarurumon was just released, it would make sense to update the older figure now. In addition to that, not too many people have had the chance to get this figure for less than $150, so it would be a great savings idea for collectors.

#4: Lugia

A well done Lugia would be fantastic to add to the D-Arts line. It could come with a an Aeroblast effect part, alongside a Hydro Pump one, too. In addition to this, a legitimate repaint in the form of Shadow Lugia could be made and it could come with a Psycho Boost effect part, too.

#3: Lagicarus (Monster Hunter in general)

This big beastie, hunted by the famous Ironbeard, would be the first Monster Hunter entry for the D-Arts line, and would hopefully be the first of many. Lagiacrus also has two subspecies, allowing for mixing and matching different accessories, including a lightning forcefield, lightning blast, and water tornadoes.

#2: Captain Olimar & Pikmin

With the new game Pikmin 3 coming out, it would be a fantastic chance for a company to get a proper figure of this captain made. He could come with different hands, three different types of Pikmin, and changeable limbs for the Pikmin. To go along with this, Louie from Pikmin 2 could be made, coming with White and Purple Pikmin, and a captain from 3 could be made, coming with Rock and Flying Pikmin. Also, each one could come with a piece to build a rocket,

#1: Samus (Metroid Prime)

As state before in the "what I would like to see next year" post towards the end of last year, this bounty hunter tops my most wanted D-Arts list. She could come with so much, ranging from different beam weapons and arm cannons, along with a morphball extra, with legitimate excuses for repaints, I think this figure would be a great seller and an instant preorder for me! 

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