Friday, July 19, 2013

The Complete D-Arts list

The penultimate day in D-Arts week has arrived! Below is a list of all of the D-Arts figures and when they were released!

Wargreymon, November  2010

Omegamon, February 2011

Mega Man X, April 2011

Black Wargreymon, Web exclusive, May 2011

Beelzemon, June 2011

Mega Man X (Metallic Ver), SDCC Exclusive, July 2011

Metabee, July 2011

Zero (1st ver.) , August 2011

Full Armor X, September 2011

Izanagi, December 2011

Rokusho, January 2012

Mega Man X (Comic ver), Web exclusive, January 2012
Thanatos, April 2012

Zero Type 2, May 2012
Vile (VAVA), Web exclusive, June 2012
Konohana Sakuya, July 2012
Dukemon (Gallantmon), August 2012

Magatsuizanagi, Web exclusive, August 2012
Jiraiya, September 2012

Night Blazer, September 2012 
Izanagi No Okami, November 2012
Terry Bogard, November 2012
Mega Man, December 2012

Alisa, March 2013

Mewtwo, March 2013

Overnight Blazer, Web exclusive, March 2013

Charizard, April 2013

Raidou, June 2013

Blastoise, June 2012
Bass, Web exclusive, June 2013

Metalgarurumon, Web exclusive, June 2013

Venusaur, August 2013

Mega Man X (Ultimate Armor), August 2013

Alisa (Gun Form), Web exclusive, October 2013

Wargreymon -Original Designer's Edition-, Web exclusive, November 2013
Black Zero, Web exclusive,  December 2013

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